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Cooking gluten free, but with gluten for the rest of the family?

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--- Quote from: Outdoor Girl on July 01, 2013, 11:30:56 AM ---I don't think there is any problem going gluten free, even if you don't have to.  The big issue is bread.  Gluten free bread has come a long way but it still isn't a good as regular bread.

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I found an awesome brand of gluten-free bread (Genius), but it is $7 for a small loaf. :'(  So no toast for me until I learn how to make my own!


--- Quote from: magicdomino on July 01, 2013, 10:47:18 AM ---I was just wondering, is there anything wrong with someone who isn't gluten-intolerent going without gluten?  Is it an essential ingredient?  It's just wheat protein, and there are plenty of alternative sources of plant protein, like corn and beans.

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The problem is not missing the gluten itself- it is missing other nutrients, fiber, etc that you lose when avoiding gluten.  We tried a low/no gluten diet for a while (looking to reduce inflammation), including gf baking.  We found a big difference with gf flours, even self-mixed, tend to be very high in starch and low in fiber (to try to get a good rise).  Can be constipating.
Also, the easiest way to avoid gluten is to avoid grains and grain - based products, but that also means you are missing out on certain B vitamins and some other nutrients (don't have my research to hand).

It is all replaceable, but you do have to pay attention and sometimes your dietary replacements are missing things you would not think about - so it takes a lot of self-education.  Basically, any massive restriction in your diet means you are losing the advantages of variety, and have to work to get all your bases covered.
Personally, I would want all my options open with a baby/little kid in the house - just to make sure they are getting as much variety as possible.

Good luck, OP!  I know your health is worth it, you'll do a great job, and I hope you will be feeling much better soon!

The other problem is you need to be very careful with gluten free replacements as many tend to be very high In sugars - many people have gotten into trouble going "gluten-free" for "health" reasons and ended up eating way more refined sugars than they normally would.

The people who tend to feel healthier going gluten-free without have g health issues are those who replaced processed carbs with home cooked meals - and felt lighter and better from that :)

I definitely wouldn't bother with separate cooking!

Just have cereals, snacks and perhaps bread in the house that the gluten tolerators can enjoy.   Eating gluten free isn't going to do them any harm, particularly if its only the meals you are sharing.


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