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Cooking gluten free, but with gluten for the rest of the family?

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I cook with 2 types of spoon when I'm making something that I can't eat- I use wooden and plastic stirrers so I remember which one I used in which pot. Maybe something like that would help you too?

Thanks for all the suggestions so far  :)
I love the different spoon idea or just adding bread, also the leftover night.
I'm finding the food labels very clear on the matter, and I am loving the gluten free symbol, makes my life so much easier  :)

About the spoons; I've heard that anything wooden should be replaced, because they are probably gluten contaminated: is this at all true? I guess I'll need a different rolling pin. Should I decontaminate my cookie cutters?  :P

I am the only one who CAN have gluten in my house. I get plenty of gluten in my breakfast and lunch and really don't miss it in dinner. There is so much out there now, especially if you are cooking, that I don't feel it is a sacrifice. When I feel the need for something gluteny I have it but that is pretty rare.

In terms of decontamination years ago the dietician told us that a dishwasher cycle will decontamination most things. However, as I said that was years ago so take it with a grain of salt.

I was just wondering, is there anything wrong with someone who isn't gluten-intolerent going without gluten?  Is it an essential ingredient?  It's just wheat protein, and there are plenty of alternative sources of plant protein, like corn and beans.

Outdoor Girl:
I don't think there is any problem going gluten free, even if you don't have to.  The big issue is bread.  Gluten free bread has come a long way but it still isn't a good as regular bread.


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