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Jeremy Irons and littering packaging in a supermarket

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Story here.

I really do not know what Mr. Irons was expecting to do here. Packaging exists for a reason, and leaving it behind is unnecessary work for the employees there which they should not be dealing with. Also, unwrapping all his groceries at the checkout is time-consuming and it prevents the next customer from fully utilising the spot.


Wouldn't that be littering?  Or does it not count as littering if it isn't on public grounds?  I'd tell him that he wasn't welcome there anymore if he didn't dispose of his trash.  Sure, less packaging might be a goal for him, but food manufacturing companies need to deal with all of the health requirements and they can't just ditch the packaging.

I don't think that's a solution to the problem of excess packaging at ALL, and it creates a different problem.

That's a really dumb way to protest. It isn't going to make people rethink packaging, it's going to make them think you're a privileged jerk.

I'm confused. Say he's buying meat. Does he just unwrap it all and carry hunks of bare meat out in his hands? (since, of course, a grocery bag is packaging..)  Wonder how he deals with liquids?

Either way, yeah, that's a jerk move. The supermarket workers have no control over product packaging, and he's creating extra work for them.


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