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Jeremy Irons and littering packaging in a supermarket

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--- Quote from: photochick on June 10, 2013, 11:58:20 PM ---
If anyone wants to know good ways to do it read
She's blogged about not having plastic/excessive packaging for ages and has a book.

--- End quote ---

I'm having a bit of trouble getting the site to load, but I saw her (or someone doing a similar thing!) on TV and she was extremely inspiring.

I agree with the general consensus - but he has got us all talking about it, so perhaps it's actually a good thing? There's nothing like opening packaging to find... more packaging!

Where I live we also have no plastic bags in supermarkets, bring your own or you pay 20c or $1 each depending on the type of bag. It's generally not an issue once you're used to it, everyone occasionally forgets their bags and has to buy enough for their weekly shop, but IME people recycle them for other uses. I'm really proud of my state for doing it actually!

Lately I've been bringing my own containers to the farmer's market. It means that they save on bags and my strawberries make it home unpulped. He could advocate for something like this, which is practical and other people can actually do, instead of making a mess and annoying people who have nothing to do with the packaging of food items.

Most supermarkets here in Germany have an area after the checkout with recycling containers for paper and plastic. The idea is that you can get rid of any excess packing straight away. I think it's a pretty good solution and I'm surprised it isn't more common.


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