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Author Topic: Acts of kindness by my work colleagues  (Read 2363 times)

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Acts of kindness by my work colleagues
« on: May 17, 2013, 05:46:52 AM »
This isn't about me directly, but it brightened up my day, so I hope it will do the same for you!

I arrived at work yesterday to see a couple of young women coming out of the building escorted by our caretaker, one with a heavily bandaged knee and using crutches. Our receptionist explained to me what had happened.

Two first-year students (18 or 19 years old at most) had been cycling down our road when they were side-swiped by another cyclist. One girl's front wheel went into the other's, and the second girl was thrown right off her bicycle, landing very hard on her knee. Our receptionist found them sitting on our front steps, the injured girl crying hysterically.

Receptionist brought them into our building (we are a University department), sat them down, and called our IT Officer, who is a first aider. IT Officer cleaned and bandaged the injury, while Receptionist and Caretaker gave them both sweet tea and biscuits. After they were recovered, Receptionist loaned the injured girl the pair of crutches we keep in the Department, and Caretaker borrowed Receptionist's car to drive both girls back to their halls of residence.

I've been feeling very cynical about the world and people in general, lately, so it was so nice to get confirmation that my colleagues are so kind and thoughtful.  :)
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Re: Acts of kindness by my work colleagues
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2013, 06:42:40 PM »
I had a breast-cancer scare two months ago.

I found a lump during a self-exam and scheduled an appointment for five days later.  (My mother is an eight-year survivor of a very aggressive form of breast cancer--so much so she could have died if she hadn't gone in to see the doctor ASAP--so I was understandably terrified.)

I happened to mention I had a doctor's appointment and would be out of the office on March 21, to a female coworker I was close to.  She asked me, "Oh, what for?"  And I'm embarrassed to admit this, but that's when I started crying--and I told her the reason why.

At the next management meeting, the day before the exam, I got a card signed by all the managers and some of the support staff in my office.  They wished me well and said they'd keep me in their thoughts.  I was totally not expecting that!

It turned out one of the managers was a breast-cancer survivor--and she said that if things turned out badly, she would be available to talk to and to give emotional support.

P.S.  As things turned out, the needle biopsy showed the lump was benign--but it still meant a lot to me that the people I worked with cared so much about me.
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