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When someone reveals offensive views via facebook.

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Diane AKA Traska:

--- Quote from: AffirmedHope on August 06, 2013, 04:02:52 PM ---
--- Quote from: Goosey on August 06, 2013, 02:41:56 PM ---I don't think the OP's worries are unmerited.

If you find out someone has insulted your carrier, your religion, and your political views in some very volatile ways, I think you're perfectly justified in cooling the relationship.

There's nothing paranoid about assuming that if someone thinks that negatively about things that make up part of your life, they're not someone you want to get emotionally entangled with.

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If it's a person that you just met, then yes I agree with you. But the OP has known this person and their views for quite sometime. she even went through the trouble of blocking her from the newsfeed so she wouldn't see her ranting. But the OP then went onto this person page, even after blocking her, to read the posts that she knew we're insulting. Why is this also a sudden a problem NOW? Did this person actually so something in real life that the OP is now looking for justification to cut ties with her?

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The internet is no less "real life" than a face to face conversation.  One still is accountable for their speech in an online format.

Especially if we're talking about, oh, say, bigoted views, I think it's pretty understandable that seeing that kind of thing, even if it's 'only online' will change someone's opinion. Yeah, one has the right to post what they want to Facebook, but if someone is posting things they know to be controversial, well, they can't get upset if it changes someone's opinion of them.

I've an old coworker who I always liked, and he posted something awhile back really nastily blaming sexual assault victims. Had it been a different way of phrasing it, I wouldn't have thought much of it, but now it's hard for me to see him in exactly the same way. It's not that I can't handle people with different views. I think most people have *some* view that they would see as extreme enough it would change the way they saw the person. It just might be a different line for different people.


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