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Author Topic: anonymous gift  (Read 5299 times)

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Re: anonymous gift
« Reply #15 on: June 01, 2013, 08:46:27 PM »
A week later a complete stranger came up to my desk.  "This isn't your desk!" she exclaimed.  "CindyLouWho sits here!" 

I assured her it was indeed my desk and had been for three years, and I actually had no idea where CindyLouWho sat.  She then revealed that the bag of apples had been a present for CindyLouWho and demanded them back so they could be given to the correct recipient.  I had to admit I didn't have them anymore.  She gave me the stinkeye for the next three years whenever we crossed paths.

Ms Stinkeye must be the IRL version of Catalina from Space Cases. Poor Cindy Lou / Suzee is just waiting in the other dimension for her apples & the chance to switch places  >:D

(gasp) You're a Space Cases fan!?!
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