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Author Topic: So now, stealing a name is okay.  (Read 11940 times)

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Re: So now, stealing a name is okay. Epic, but worth the read.
« Reply #15 on: June 02, 2013, 11:10:54 PM »
If your brother didn't register his name as a domain, then that is his problem.  This happens all the time.  The guy owns the domain.  If your brother wants it, he can buy from him. 

As for saying your brother is involved, that is wrong. 

ETA:  IIRC this happened to American Idol.  They didn't register the domains of contestant names and then normal everyday people did.  They had to pay big bucks to the people who purchased the domains.  Now, they register the domains when they know the contestants.

Not to get into legalities, but this isn't strictly true.  Cyber squatters bank on getting big bucks for domain names rich companies miss, of course, but I can't just jump on (assuming they were stupid enough to let the domain expire) and then hold it for ransom - a judge would say that Disney had more right to the name than I did and force me to hand it over.  Look up the saga of Mike Rowe Soft, who registered a domain in his own name and lost it  :-\

His name was Mike Rowe, not Mike Rowe Soft....

True - but looking up Mike Rowe just gets you the Dirty Jobs guy  :P


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Re: So now, stealing a name is okay.
« Reply #16 on: June 02, 2013, 11:27:43 PM »
Sometimes, the most polite, firm letters are from lawyers who know all about the subject.  I would also contact a social media specialist to discuss strategies.  This may not apply to your brother at all, but sometimes, it's better not to call attention to the matter.  Just ask anyone who's been spoofed on South Park

If he's using crowdfunding to get this thing going, he probably doesn't have much money, and it sounds like your brother does.  Time to get all over him like a wet rag.

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