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Redundant forwards from parents

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This has been happening with greater frequency over time.  My mother will send out a forwarded email (usually a joke, sometimes a large attachment of photos or PowerPoint).  A day later, my father will send out the same forwarded email.  This has gotten so problematic, my brother has flagged both of our parents' addresses to spam (which means I have to send him a note or call him if they have something important to say). 

I have previously taken my father to task about the content of his forwarded email, explaining it is inappropriate to send jokes about octogenarian Scrabble to his daughter.  However, now I need to find a polite way to let them both know their double-downing on email forwards is alienating behavior.


Just delete every email from them that indicates it's a forward, and only read emails that are titled as clearly personal messages?

Just tell them outright.  I had to do that with my Mom after I went away to college.  I told her because she kept sending me those forwarded jokes, all of her mail was going to go to spam  It only took a couple of months of me not responding to anything to get her to stop.

DH had this problem when his 75 y/o DF got an email account a number of years ago.  We'd get the FW:FW:FW ad infinitum of the jokey emails from him.  Finally, DH sat down with his father and said that he just doesn't have the time to read anything but informative emails, so please stop as he automatically deletes them.  It took a while for the "new" of email to wear off of dear old dad, but eventually he stopped sending them (at least to DH).

With your own parent, I'd suggest sitting down and helping them create a group to use for forwards. With your name NOT on the list.


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