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Many of you know that I have been struggling with music lessons for a while now. The past two weeks have been ehell on wheels. The week before last my teacher walked out of the lesson, because I dared to question why a song with a different rhythm, different key and different notes can be considered the same "tune" ( Wabash Cannon Ball) Last week, we spent the whole hour talking not about how he feels disrespected, because I ask questions ( how do you learn otherwise).
  Well, I posted on my FB page that I was having issues and that I needed advice. One of the instructors from Cape Breton's Gaelic College, who now lives in Scotland,  posted that she likes a challenge and would be willing to help out. So when I emailed her back, she has offered me her Online drum course for free, because she believes it would help me work through the rhythm issue! I am so touched I have no words. And I needed to tell someone.

That is wonderful, snowdragon!

I hate to bring this up in a folder generally reserved for warm fuzzy stories, but:

If your teacher is walking out or wasting an entire class berating you for "disrespect," just because you're asking legitimate questions, you don't need help with your sense of rhythm; you need a new teacher. Accept this lady's offer if you like, but don't expect what you learn from her to repair your dysfunctional relationship with your music teacher. Take what you learn to a new teacher who will treat *you* with respect!

Baglady, thanks. The problem with trying to get a new teacher here - is he is the only one who will teach adults with in an hour of here. So I have decided to find ways to learn what he can't/won't teach me and be grateful for what he can and will. I can't change his attitude, so I will work on changing mine.  I am weird, I know, but I *really* want to be able to play the violin. he is the only option for now.

That's wonderful but to echo Baglady, you shouldn't put up with your teacher wasting your time talking about how he feels or walking out of lessons so I hope you changing your attitude will affect this.

One thing I will point out though is that traditional tunes can have lots of variations and you can go down the variations until you end up with something that seems completely different. When I played the violin I learned two different variations of 'Mrs MacLeod's Reel' (I made fun of it and called one 'Mrs MacLeod's Real' and one 'Mrs MacLeod's Imaginary'). Searching online for sheet music for it, I found quite a few other variations. I have also heard a few different variations on 'De'il Among the Tailors'.

Good luck with your fiddling!


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