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When I was a teenager (I had just recently gotten my license), I was visiting my maternal grandparents along with my parents and a bunch of aunts, uncles, and cousins.

During the visit, my mother's oldest sister was holding forth at me (I was unfortunate enough to be the only one in the vicinity when she started ranting) about something, and she was badgering me to agree with her bigoted, racist remarks.  I was doing my best to ignore her and continue to read my book, but my teenage temper was wearing thin.

Just as my temper was about to break, my mother came outside and saw what was going on.  Before I had a chance to say anything to her, she hands me a $20 bill and says "We're out of ice cubes.  Would you mind going into town to get a bag?"

I accepted the money and car keys, said "Excuse me" to mom's sister, and started toward the car.  As I was walking past my mom, I heard her say under her breath "no need to hurry back."

When I returned to my grandparents' place about 45 minutes later, I went to put the bag of ice cubes in the freezer and found two other bags already there.  I asked my mom about it and her response was, "Oh, I knew there was plenty of ice.  It just sounded like you needed an excuse to get away!"

Nice save, mom! :) :)

Cz. Burrito:
Perfect!   :D


Your mom is awesome!!


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