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Please enjoy this slideshow of the event that you weren't invited to

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No question; just a story...

Recently, my school won  a big, huge deal award. A group a faculty members and administration decided to go out to celebrate.  They did not invite everyone.  At the most recent faculty conference, we (the entire faculty) were treated to a slideshow of photographs that the group took during their celebration.

It was the first most people were hearing of the event, and they were none to impressed.

'Wow, that's just like vacation slides.'

At least with vacation slides, there is no expectation someone will invite you along with them...this, this is just wrong!  If they wanted an exclusive event, they should have kept it to themselves because all they did was cause dissension.

Library Dragon:
Oh, wow! That's just rude and mean.

Really? What? Wow. Also: have these people ever MET teachers? That thing's going to haunt them for YEARS.


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