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Author Topic: Waiting on job interview outcome, now have a medical problem - U/D #2 Post 17  (Read 6534 times)

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Doesn't get much better than this!  Perfect outcome.


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Good luck to you! Last summer, I was in the process of changing jobs and a few weeks before I was supposed to report to the new job, I got a diagnosis that required immediate surgery. It's pretty daunting having to call a new boss and tell him you'll be reporting late, but everything worked out nicely and he was rather impressed at how quickly I was able to get to work. It turned out to be a positive start to the job. I hope yours turns out well, too.


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Great Update  ;D

Surgery went very well with the best possible outcome - no post-surgical treatment of any kind needed. I only needed three days in the hospital due to being otherwise healthy and following all of their instructions. I got home to find my offer letter for the new job waiting for me. Very excited to complete recovery and get my career moving in a positive direction.

A point of clarification to those who suggested I should not tell my new employer that the delay to my start date was associated with the surgery. My job offer is contingent on passing a drug screening. I therefore had to let my new employer know of the surgery so that they will know why narcotics will be present in my body. Fortunately they are able to verify with my doctor what medications I was legitimately prescribed to take, and the drug test is able to differentiate between prescription narcotics and street drugs.

Many thanks to all who shared their stories and offered well wishes and advice!
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YAYAYAYAY on all counts!
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Re: Waiting on job interview outcome, now have a medical problem
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If you call I would say that a family emergency came up (you are family and it is an emergency) so will be out of contact for a few days but you will check your messages at x date.

I like this suggestion.

Now see, in this day and age of communication, as a potential employer, I would think this sounded odd as if you were trying to weigh different offers or were holding out for job you hoped to get.

I am glad things worked out in your favor and surgery was successful. :)