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Helen Mirren is my new hero

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Linking to the article is a problem because I don't know what paper it was in...was just told about it by someone else.

When a 10 year old British boy with Down Syndrome and terminal cancer was given a chance to "make a wish" he asked if he might have afternoon tea with Queen Elizabeth and her corgis.

The Queen couldn't do it, of course, but Helen Mirren, who was appearing in "The Audience" playing Queen Elizabeth, decided she would do the next best thing.  She contacted the family and after her show was over,  she invited the boy to her suite and, still in full on Queen Elizabeth II make up (and staying completely in character) she had costumed footmen serve herself and her young guest afternoon tea, introduced him to the dogs playing her corgis AND knighted him  among other things.

His father says that his son believes he saw the real Queen and hasn't stopped smiling and glowing yet. 

And if this isn't completely clear and concise it's because I keep puddling up when I think about it.  Helen Mirren is a class act.

I think I want to be her when I grow up.

Redneck Gravy:
...there's something in my eye, it's hard to type...

Kudos to Helen Mirren.  It takes so little to make someone happy, I don't understand why more don't do it. 

Here's the story. . . . Very classy of Dame Helen.

I knew there was a reason I liked her.  Bravo!


--- Quote from: Bellantara on May 22, 2013, 01:09:36 PM ---Here's the story. . . . Very classy of Dame Helen.

--- End quote ---

That hyperlink doesn't work, courtesy of our filter. The address is http://CRUD MONKEYS!, and you have to replace "CRUD MONKEYS!" with "o m g" (no spaces) in order to actually get to the story.  ;)


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