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Please stop piggybacking off me

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Do you have a way of blocking her from having access to your blog? If so, I'd just quietly block her.

If not, I'd go with Carotte's suggestion of bringing it to the attention of the Mods.

Can I just say that I think you have handled it perfectly (by ignoring it) up until now. I agree with you that everything else is outside your control and that if you are good at something you will almost always end up with followers.

I also agree that her linking your blog is not cool as it makes it look like you are spamming (and is dangerously close to claiming credit).

I would agree with the previous posters

1) PM her and ask her not to provide any links to your blog.
2) Simultaneously PM the mods and say that you have asked her not to link your blog (Don't ask them to do anything. But I generally think mods would prefer to know when drama is starting to brew rather than being dragged into the center of it later)

3) If that doesn't work, PM her again and start to report her posts (Also PM the mods)

4) If the mods don't do anything, then follow up everyone of her posts with JenJay's wording or
"I've asked you a couple times to please stop linking to my blog in a way that makes it look like you are writing it. Please stop linking to my blog at all"

Any update on this kitchcat?


--- Quote from: NyaChan on May 27, 2013, 12:19:33 PM ---Any update on this kitchcat?

--- End quote ---

OB hasn't linked my blog in the time span since I posted this thankfully (I think some one else called her out for spamming in general) so I haven't had to do anything yet. If she does start again, I will pm her and the mods.

Have you considered contacting her blog's host? Many blogging platforms take plagiarism seriously and will take down her blog if you can prove she's essentially copying your work.


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