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Craigslist query-- what's the norm?

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I've sold a handful of items on Craigslist before. All but one time, the buyers came to my house to pick up the item. On one exception, I met with the buyer in a store parking lot because she was having difficultly locating my home. Whenever I've purchased items from Craigslist, I've always picked them up from the buyer's home. I assumed this was the norm.

Yesterday, I listed a piece of furniture on Craigslist and a woman emailed me asking if it was still available. I said yes. Her reply? "Great. Can you be at my home in two hours to drop it off?"  :o On top of that her address was at least a hour drive from my home! Jaw met floor. I replied bluntly, "I'm not going to deliver it. If you want it, you have to come get it from my home." She responded, "I was not asking you to deliver it! I was asking if you happened to be in the area and could drop it off!"  ??? Huh? So you're asking me BY EMAIL if I happen to be driving around your home by chance with the piece of furniture in my car? Firstly, no. Secondly, that would still count as delivering it. But I digress.

Would you assume there is norm when it comes to buying an item off Craigslist? I would never even think of asking a seller to come to me.

Seven Ate Nine:
I personally prefer public location exchanges, but I would never expect someone to drop something off at my house.  DH did buy something off of CL that was going to be dropped off at our house, but at the last minute our dinner plans went awry and we were closer to the person's house so he brought it to us in town instead.  I have seen several ads that specify that there is no drop off, so I do wonder how many people expect it.

Outdoor Girl:
I would always assume that I was picking up the item at the seller's home or another place of our mutual choosing if s/he didn't want to tell me where they live.  In light of recent events here in Ontario, I wouldn't be upset at all being asked to meet someone at a mall, rather than their home.

But to assume that the seller was going to deliver?  Never.

ETA:  If it was a large item, I might enquire of the seller:  'I'm interested in purchasing [item] but I don't have a vehicle large enough to pick it up.  Would you be willing and able to deliver it?  I'd be willing to pay an extra $[amt] for delivery.'

Entitled requests are a pretty common occurrence on craigslist. Some people charge extra for delivery. I just say "no delivery" in the ad itself and ignore anyone who still wants me to deliver stuff.

I had someone ask me to deliver even after I specifically stated that the couch was pick-up only.  I even took $50 off of the price so she could rent a truck to come get it. Then she canceled the day of pick-up saying she couldn't come get it, only to call and text me repeatedly the next day acting shocked that I was no longer around to sell her the couch.  Sorry honey, I said Sunday pick-up only, gave you the option of Friday or early Monday as an additional courtesy, so no, I'm not going to waste half a day sitting in an almost empty apartment when I could have been two states away by then. 

ETA:  I offered to store some items for a fellow student over the summer.  She filled my apartment which I was subletting with her things without telling me and booked it out of town.  She then listed various items on Craigslist, again without telling me, and only informed me that people might be stopping by my place to look at her stuff.  I was not happy.

So I wouldn't assume it was home pick-up and I wouldn't assume it was delivery.  I would expect it to specify in the ad which options were available and if it wasn't, I'd ask what they were, not demand the one I wanted.


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