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I offered moving boxes of a particular size on Freecycle - I got asked to send a picture of them???

I contacted the next person in line - because if someone doesn't know what a moving box looks like (one of the named sizes - dishpack, wardrobe, etc.) - a photo isn't going to be enough information without measurements and I didn't feel like taking the time....

The second person never did come by - so the third person picked it up "that night" when I let them know that they were under my porch and that they had come to the top of the list.  Now I have a little more space to sort through things to take to Goodwill or trash (some things didn't fare well in the move, some things didn't fare well in the storage area, and a few things were outgrown between the move & when I started trying to unpack - eleven year olds grow fast).

Something I dealt with this past week:

I posted a like new small animal carrier... think rat, hamster.  Asking $7.  One lady lived 40 miles away and wanted me to meet her halfway because she thought "that would be fair."  Um, no... it'll cost me that much in gas round trip...why don't you go to the local chain pet store where it costs $15.00?  She said she's trying to save money. ::)

The next one lived...50 miles away, though she was perfectly fine driving 30 of those miles to meet me.  Um, no,... it'll cost me that much in gas round trip...why don't you go to the local chain pet store where it costs $15.00?  She said she's trying to save money. ::)  >:(

Another one... a guy didn't exactly know where my city was, so he had to ask me how long a drive it would be.  It would be 1.5 hours.  Why is he even looking at ads in my area????  :o

I still have the item, just received a new response and I asked her if she was local so she can pick up, and explained about the previous two responses.  I've still yet to hear back.

I just had ANOTHER one - posted FREE items on Freecycle, with my proviso that I do not get out much and can not meet them anywhere.

One answer suggested I donate them about 30 miles away.

The other wanted some of the items, and suggested I could arrange with whoever got the rest, to drop off to her the ones she wanted.

Honestly, some people....

BTW, someone came yesterday and took them all. Drove right up to my house, imagine that.

I get the impression that a lot of people read only the key words and not the whole message.  They will ask for a WHOLE THING when I am offering a half thing - but posting "parts" to XXXX can still get people asking for the whole thing, as I guess they think that they can fix the XXXX.  Even if the post is that all I have is the parts....although the drafting table base got picked up by someone who was happy to go to the local hardware store and buy a sheet of plywood to make his own table top!  The base was all that would fit in the trunk of his car in one trip!


I posted a chair BASE (wheeled office chair with lift - they are pretty standard) as the leather was worn and even rotting in places (cheap leather and sweat are not a good combination).

I got back a story about someone needing a new chair for medical reasons but they couldn't afford one.  I replied that the BASE was in good shape...but the chair upholstery was rotting.  They passed on picking it up after all.


I also posted a glass punch bowl with cups - I got a request to text someone on their cell phone who wants it because they could never afford  ::) a clear glass punch bowl with cups.... :o .

I can't do texting as we don't have that option on our cell phone plan.  Guess I can't get back in touch with them....

Ignore the crazies.  People who don't bother actually reading the entire ad don't deserve a response.

We have delivered things for an additional fee at times, but we have access to a trailer and a vehicle capable of towing said trailer, so it made sense for us to do it because hey, we got our stuff sold that way, and the delivery fee was fair.  However I would never deliver anything without someone nicely offering a delivery fee first.  If someone just TOLD me to deliver it, especially without realizing that this costs ME labor, time, and money and not offering to compensate for that, I'm not dealing with them anymore.  That kind of entitlement just tells me that I'm going to show up and they won't be there, or will have changed their mind, or want $50 knocked off the price for this or that.  People who feel entitled to free delivery of used items from a random stranger aren't going to be reasonable people.

We've had some great experiences buying and selling on CL, but we just ignore people who refuse to read the ad completely or become totally wishy washy or ask too many inane questions.  It's a used item people.  There is some degree of risk in that.  If you want something new and perfect, go buy it new.

It never ceases to amaze me what will sell quickly and what doesn't.  I am shocked that we quickly sold two used cheap twin mattresses.  I thought we'd never sell those.  Yet we are having a hard time selling our old living room furniture that doesn't have any damage at all.  I don't like the set, hence why we got a new one, so maybe no one else likes it either...but i can just never predict what will sell.  I thought for sure we'd sell those couches before used mattresses!  And someone even bought the world's ugliest kitchen cabinets when we tore them out and redid our kitchen.  I told my husband he was crazy for thinking anyone would want them. They were gone in 2 days.  I find it all very fascinating.


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