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An Adult Should Really Know This - Silly Things You've Had to Tell People

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Every semester an email goes out to all faculty, staff and students at my university.  It reads:

Please remember that the squirrels that can be seen on campus are wild animals.  Please do not try to pet, hold, or pick up the squirrels.  Please do not try to feed them by hand.  If you want to provide treats for the squirrels, please scatter food on the lawns.  Squirrels are rodents and can inflict serious bite wounds requiring medical attention.  Squirrels may also carry rabies.

Every year I keep thinking:  these are grown people.  Do we really need to tell them to leave squirrels alone?  :o

What crazy things (that should be common sense) have you had to tell people.

That having a $1000 credit limit on a credit card does not mean that you have to spend $1000 every month.

I had an ex who believed this. Luckily, he didn't actually HAVE any credit cards--this was the reason he'd avoided them.  He thought you had to spend that amount or pay some kind of fee.

He was in his early 20's...I'd already learned about how CC's worked by the time I was in high school.

What are some others...well, things like basic car maintenance (if the oil light comes on in your car, stop driving!). 

See those large creatures there in the water? Don't feed them, it makes them more aggressive. Don't walk your dogs near them either. Those are alligators, and they would love a snack. (Every year, we have people who are shocked that alligators will eat pets.)

Same with coyotes. We have packs of coyotes that travel through neighborhoods at night and try to catch pets and stray animals for dinner. Keeping your cats outside in Florida is not a good idea.

Keep your garbage locked in a can with a lid, or you will be visited by raccoons and even bears. Yes, the Florida black bear is cute and small, but they should eat their natural foods not your garbage.

Don't put your aquarium plants and animals in our waterways. We have major issues with non-native species competing with native species here.

In the gym there is a sign on the indoor track which says 'no spitting'. 
Another sign at a historical ruins site said "the ruins are not a toilet, please use restroom at visitor's center".

I find it pretty sad that signs would have to be put up to remind people not to do these things.

Some more humorous ones.
One of my friends in my group from college moved out to the west coast after graduation (we went to school on the east coast).  Another friend called him at 8 a.m. which was 5 a.m. Pacific time.  He said he thought the west coast was three hours behind the east coast.  The kicker was he just graduated with a major in geography.

We have a sign in our employee's only restroom that says "Please Flush!"   :o


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