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Author Topic: An Adult Should Really Know This - Silly Things You've Had to Tell People  (Read 1570702 times)

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Many people grow vegetables and have apple trees at suburban homes.  But I've had a few people stunned to realise you can have other kinds of fruit trees, like peach or pear or cherry trees.  It's like they think those can only grow on a farm.
Their minds are further boggled when you explain that you have to have both male and female trees for them to bear fruit.


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Every semester an email goes out to all faculty, staff and students at my university.  It reads:

Please remember that the squirrels that can be seen on campus are wild animals.  Please do not try to pet, hold, or pick up the squirrels.  Please do not try to feed them by hand.  If you want to provide treats for the squirrels, please scatter food on the lawns.  Squirrels are rodents and can inflict serious bite wounds requiring medical attention.  Squirrels may also carry rabies.

Every year I keep thinking:  these are grown people.  Do we really need to tell them to leave squirrels alone?  :o

What crazy things (that should be common sense) have you had to tell people.
It's even worse when there's feral cats. Students can't seem to comprehend the concept of FERAL cats. They look just like domesticated cats, of course they want to be scooped up and petted!
Fortunately, the feral cats are not at all reluctant to teach the students the difference.  >:D


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Speaking of allergies...I cannot count the number of adults who are convinced they have some mutant cold or flu when what they actually have is seasonal allergies.  They are always so shocked when the doctor confirms it.

That would have been me a few years ago.  Growing up, anytime my nose ran and I got the sniffles and a cough, my mother would say I had a cold.  Didn't matter what time of the year it was, it was always a cold, and definitely not allergies.  First time I realized it wasn't a cold was when I mentioned to a friend that I had a cold.  She asked a couple questions and asked "What makes you think that's a cold? It's allergies!" When I realized I got sneezy when the pollen levels were high and was okay indoors and in some areas outdoors, I realized she was right.
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Adults who feed the seagulls or just feed any birds. It encourages them to hang around certain places, and be dependent on getting fed. I've seen ibises that will take your lunch out of your hands. Ad some birds starve in the low season when the tourists aren't there to feed them.

The lady in the flat next door to us feeds the lorikeets with seeds. I don't have the heart to tell her that birdseed encourages rats.


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A young woman I know was the poster child for those weird warning labels on products.

I once caught her trying to use a garment steamer on the clothes she was wearing.   ???

Also had to tell her that you have to cook frozen dinners...she was just thawing them out and eating.   :o  and we had quite a legthy discussion on why fresh fruits and vegetables need to be thoroughly washed before consuming.

Sometimes I wonder how she survived to adulthood.
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The lady in the flat next door to us feeds the lorikeets with seeds. I don't have the heart to tell her that birdseed encourages rats.

Why not? It might embarrass her but seriously, wouldn't you want to know this info? Besides, rats will effect you too, won't they?
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Back in college, a guy came in the dorm laundry room and watched his clothes tumbling in the dryer for a minute. Then he turned to me and said, "How do I know when my clothes are dry?" I actually had to tell him that when the dryer stops, you stick your hand inside and feel the clothes. Even if you've never done your own laundry before, you should still know what wet and dry feel like!  ::)


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That hurricanes and tornadoes are different things.  One of my co-workers did not know this...
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Err, the squirrels on my college campus are also frequently fed by the students.  At this point, a good number of them don't really count as "wild" anymore - they will happily sit on you in order to be presented with food. 

I think adults should know that ten minutes until five on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend (or any other long holiday weekend) is not the best time to try and handle business matters.


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If you want your house to be 74 degrees, turning your thermostat down to 60 will not cool your house any faster than if you set it to 74/72.

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I should not have to explain to people what a zip code is, or what an area code is.  Sadly, I've had to do both.  I've also had to explain time zones to people and what it means for Central time to be an hour behind Eastern time or an hour ahead of Mountain time.

You really shouldn't have to tell people that bills have to be paid, and that, if you take an advance on your paycheck, your next paycheck will be correspondingly smaller.  A former roommate of mine did both - and was absolutely amazed that our phone got cut off due to her failure to pay the bill.  Thankfully I had my cell phone for that...


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Oh, the other that bugs me.Yellow Mustard will not spoil if not refrigerated. Neither will ketchup but the color might change.


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1)  Veal is baby cow . . .

2) . . . Just like lamb is baby sheep.

3)  Yes, people do eat sheep.

(She was horrified - horrified - to realize that people eat cute fluffy sheep.  Not that she was a vegetarian or anything, in fact she ate the veal parmesan just fine - she was just amazed that sheep were edible.)


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I'm sorry to break your bubble, Donald but I must.  The 'X Files' aren't documentaries. 


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The full moon and the new moon have the same mass. You still have high and low tides on a new moon.

Wait, what?  They think the moon changes mass? they think the mass goes? And ... how does it come back?  How do these people understand the moon landing?  Like, we had to schedule it when enough of the moon was there?  I.... Just typing that made my head hurt.