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This might be the wrong topic, if so mods please move.

I have an acquaintance I have known for years. Her husband is friend with my husband and we are friendly when we see each other.

She bbq's a lot in the summer,sometimes we are invited and sometimes we aren't, no biggie. I had a feeling for a few weeks that she was going to have a Memorial Day bbq, but we were never formally invited, which is fine. Today her husband sent out an e-mail inviting anyone that didn't know about the bbq.

My problem is, I feel funny going, I just feel if she wanted us there she would have invited me (she has my e-mail and we are facebook friends.). Now DH wants to go, and I don't know if her husband mentioned inviting us. My questions are should we just show up?, send her a fb message asking if I should bring something, and if so how do I phrase it? I kinda want to phrase the message putting out feelers if she even minds us coming. Or am I over thinking this because the husband invited us.

Thanks in advance.

Can you give us the husband's wording?  It might help us figure out whether what's going on.  On its face, it seems like an email inviting people to a bbq = bbq, but since you sound unsure, I'm wondering if there is something I'm missing?

They were e-mailing about something else and he said "Oh BTW BBQ at my house Sunday after 3ish if anyone is nterested. "

That sounds like an invite to me. Unless there is other background like that wife does all the work and complains about her husband inviting people, I would just take this as an invite and go.

I just don't want to feel like I am crashing it! I could be over thinking this lol


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