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BG: Mother in law has a partner shes been with for years.  He's always been good to us and we've had a good relationship.  However,  since New Years Eve, K has been acting somewhat inappropriately towards me. Nothing I could put my finger on. K is only 10 years older than me. End BG.

MIL visited over the weekend.  On Saturday night we had a few drinks and chatted wheb DS went to bed. All seemed ok until I went into the kitchen to refill MIL's wine. K followed me. He then made a pass at me, and told me he had always fancied me.   "Why would I want to do that?" Was all I could say. Really,  what?! I made it clear that I was just not interested.

Anyway. ..I told DH. K would just not leave it yesterday.  I tried avoiding being alone with him. But every single time MIL left the room, he'd try again to break me down.  When he heard I'd told DH, he wasn't happy.  To cut a long story short,  he lied to MIL. Said I'd come on to him. MIL believed him. Fine. 

Etiquette question.  Is there anything I can do?  DH said no, leave it. I really don't want to leave things this way. I adore MIL. It breaks my heart she thinks I would do that to her and DH. I'm hurt and angry.  They left this morning before I'd got up! They left at 7am.

Dh believes me completely.  This has floored him. Had it been a one off,  I could put it down to him being drunk.  But the harassment and the

This is a mess. B

I'd leave it. Chances are that MIL does believe you on some level, but admitting to it would mean having to face some unpleasant truths about her own relationship. It's easier to play ostrich.

I know you didn't ask for them, but *hugs* - what an awful situation.

I agree.  The only alternative would be to have your DH talk to his mother, but only you and he can determine whether that would be effective.

 :( MIL was not kind to me last night. I'm just so upset and...angry with him. He's ruined everything.  I feel awful. 

You haven't done anything to feel awful about. This is not your fault. (HUGS)

Personally, this would be a cut direct situation for me. Not so much for the boyfriend making the pass, but MIL basically calling me a liar over something so serious and her other actions in the aftermath.


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