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Agree with Sammycat completely. You have done nothing wrong.
I'm not sure there is a need for etiquette when dealing with unwelcome advances - particularly those from people who are in relationships with someone else and who know you're in a relationship!
I'd be clear on him not being welcome in your home again and perhaps avoid MIL too given her treatment of you.
Agree with previous poster than on some level she probably does believe you but it's hard for her to deal with given the length of their relationship. Still no reason/excuse to treat you poorly.

Some decisions have been made by me. Never again will I allow hin to be alone with me. And strictly no wine around him. I don't care whether they drink but I need a clear head. DH agrees totally.  And should he ever touch me again,  MIL will be told immediately and no further contact with them. Im furious. He's an idiot.

If he manages to be near you again and try something inappropriate, make a Huge Fuss.  'K  What are you doing?  Stop touching me RIGHT NOW'  'K!  Why do you keep asking me that - I've told you I'm not interested!'  He's counting on you to not make a fuss so that he can deny everything.

You can bet on that Hilia.  I'm hoping things with MIL will calm down but not betting on it.

SIL and BiL dislike him too. It makes me wonder whether he's done anything like this before.  He swore to me that he's never been unfaithful before but I don't buy that.  He's creepy. 

He would never be allowed into my home again.


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