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There's an app for that!!
« on: Yesterday at 02:27:26 PM »
Once again, I misplaced my Bluetooth earpiece.  Like most times, I knew it was in the house.  Unlike most times, it was not in any of the normal places I set it down. 

Once again, I was lamenting to Oogydh (okay....I was whining) the loss of it's use.  He suggested I look into getting a new one.  So, in the course of my errands today, I looked at them.  I noticed one brand who listed as a feature an app to locate the earpiece.  Hmmmm.  I wonder if my brand has that?  I looked.  They do.  I found my earpiece in 2 min. 38 seconds. 

FWIW, mine is Plantronics, but other brands may have something similar. 
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