Author Topic: have you ever done a cookbook or calendar for a fundraiser?  (Read 493 times)

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Re: have you ever done a cookbook or calendar for a fundraiser?
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I don't know which major organization you work for, but unless they are specifically involved in helping people in the southern part of your country, I don't know how much support you are going to get - most people (locally, I'm guessing, but internationally, for sure) are feeling the pull to give their money there. 

I make a calendar for my family every year.  It is about 5 - 10 hours of work over the course of the year gathering up the pictures and such.  If you were planning on doing a calendar for next year (ie, next Rosh Hashanah), this may be a better idea - less time involved, but I don't know how many you'd actually sell - really depends on how universally used and recognized your organization is.  Another idea may be to make a calendar and send it out as a gift a year from now, and enclose an envelope.  Some people will make a gift, other people won't; but it would get your name out there, as well as remind people monthly to donate.

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Re: have you ever done a cookbook or calendar for a fundraiser?
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I was recently in charge of a cookbook fundraiser that did well (for what our goals were). It was a church project. I used the website and found it to be extremely helpful. You set up a password and username and then all recipes can be submitted online. They have stock covers and dividers or will help you create custom ones. (We did a custom cover that turned out lovely.) The staff there take the recipes and compile them in to book format. They are very helpful and will walk you through the whole process.

Pricing depends on the length of the cookbook and the size of the order. Ours was approx. 200 pages, and we ordered 500 and they were about $5 each. We then sold them for a minimum of $15. So far we have made about $3000 profit.

A lot of good points and pitfalls have been mentioned here. You have to decide how far you want to go, what quality of book you are looking for, and what your target selling audience is.

For us, we went through each recipe and checked for spelling errors, grammar, overall readability, etc. We did not test the recipes, but we read through to make sure the ingredients matched up with the instructions, and that the recipe followed a logical sequence. It helps to have people who are good at cooking read them over and make sure they make sense. We also reserved the right to delete any recipes we felt didn't fit with the cookbook (or just sounded plain awful). Any recipe that was submitted more than once we just put in the one time and labelled it with each contributors name. I also put a cap on how many recipes one person could contribute (as I had a few ladies put in over 50 each!)

It definitely is work and it takes time and a lot of willing contributors. You also have to be able to pay for the books up front. In my case we had the right group of people (both for contributing and for buying) and so it turned out to be a great fundraiser as well as a lovely keepsake for many families.
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Re: have you ever done a cookbook or calendar for a fundraiser?
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The PTA at my children's school did a cookbook many years ago and I put in several recipes and then bought extra cookbooks as gifts for family members. One thing that I'm glad I did : I bought 2 extra ones for my children and gave the cookbooks to them when they were adults. They enjoyed seeing their teacher's names and the names of their friend's parents.

I have even had a few of their friends ask me if I have any extras. (Not any more.)