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Chicago Pizza

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Library Dragon:
I'll be in Chicago next month for the national library convention.  One of my staff members is receiving a national award for the paralibraian of the year.  She has requested that we have Chicago style pizza.  I dislike deep dish pizza, but figure she deserves to try this local specialty.

Does anyone have a recommendation other than Pizzeria Uno?  I would prefer an independent pizzeria, but know that may not be possible.  We are staying on S. Michigan near Balbo Ave, but will have passes for the bus. 

We just came from a visit, and we went to Giardinos.  The pie was good, they can be found in safe areas, and they have thin crust pizzas, as well.

...and paralibrarian of the year?  Awesome!!!

I love Giordano's myself.  http://giordanos.com  They have their menu online.  Unfortunately don't have the version of the veggie special that was my favorite anymore :(

Oh and I like to ask for extra sauce on the side so that you can dip your crust into it. 

I was going to suggest Lou Malnati's, but that's a bit far from where you're staying.  Old Chicago Pizza is at 742 East 79th Street - there are good reviews there but I'm not sure if it's a chain or not.

Why are you against going to Uno's?  It's good pizza.  ;D

Library Dragon:
Thanks for the recommendations for Giardinos.  I'll also check out Old Chicago Pizza.

I've been to Pizzeria Uno's a few times in different locations in the US and didn't like the pizza.  I'd rather try someplace I haven't been to yet. 


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