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I happens to me every day around 1:30pm BST.

Yup. Sometimes I'll open up several threads on separate tabs so that I can browse through each of them without having to hit a link first. Inevitably, that's the day it works fine, and when I don't do it the next day, it's down again. But yeah. I just end up going to other sites in the meantime.

Worst thing is if I'm in the middle of typing out a reply and then hit preview or post. It's hit or miss whether I lose what I typed so sometimes I'll copy-paste it into word if I think quickly enough.

rose red:
Yeah, it's been happening around a month now.  It goes on and off between 8-10am, and then later around noon but not as long as in the morning.  Sometimes I think it's back, only for it to go out 20 seconds later.

Outdoor Girl:
I've noticed it, too.  Sometimes, it is browser related so for troubleshooting purposes, I'm using IE8 when I have the problems, 8:30 to 10:00 EDT.

I just expect that from somewhere around 8:30AM to somewhere about 10AM, Eastern time, I won't have access. I come in sometimes early and open a half dozen tabs so I won't run out of 'goofing off' material while the board does its daily ablutions. :-)


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