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Whenever I click on a topic to read it or the back button my browser window opens a new tab and sometimes 2 tabs redirecting me to

I'm assuming it's linked to that Life Lock banner that's been up top but it's really annoying. It just started today. Of course I haven't been on since Friday so if someone posted this earlier I apologize.

ETA: I'm using Flamingvixen. This doesn't seem to happen in Chrome. I haven't tested IE as I don't use it.

I would suggest running a malware scan - I have never had a problem with pop-ups on this site, but I also generally only view it in Chrome. A thorough cleaning of your history, temp files, and cookies might help as well.

Does it only happen on eHell?

It's only on Ehell. And it's directly linked to an ad at the top for LifeLock on this page. It happens from both my work computer and my home on Flamingvixen. I have had to use chrome to keep it from happening. I think there's something in the code for that ad that shows up because it's opening 2 tabs everytime if I click on a new topic or if I hit the back button to go back a page. It's not a popup box at all it's actually a completely new browser tab.

How odd.

I am looking at eHell on Safari now, and got 2 LL ads (no new tabs) on the page for this thread - one looks like an enlarged Google text ad, linking to

The other looks like an actual LL banner ad and goes to

Will try on FF and IE on my windows machine next.

I am getting the same 2 LL ads, but no new tabs, on FF and IE on my windows machine. - in all cases, when I visit this thread (at least when I am first reading it) I get the same 2 Life Lock banner ads at the top & bottom (sometimes the text one is on top with the more graphical banner ad on the bottom, other times they are switched, but always the same 2), but no extra tabs open.

Make sure you're doing a good malware scan on your system and your antivirus is up to date - I like Spybot for malware (it can also "immunize" your browsers against known bad sites) and AVG for antivirus, if you are looking for recommendations.

Aside from that, perhaps another eHellion knows better what might be going on.


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