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Jesse Eisenberg & Romina Puga

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shhh its me:

Their both being called rude , jerks and unprofessional.  please note that the 5 minute video was edited by Miss Puga to 2:48 and the end of the video is actually the start of the interview (According to Puga , she's starts with the request " can you say my name into the camera")  Knowing this I think she was petulant "just skip it ", "its my name not a word" , downright rude " you're such a jerk "  and trying to have witty banter "that's it your never find me" in the first 30 seconds. 

Thoughts ? 

They're both immature.

Redneck Gravy:
They are both immature and sarcastic. 

Plus that's five minutes of my life I can't get back watching those two driveliodiots.

I agree she got petulant but he was downright nasty and mean throughout the whole interview really doing his darned hardest to make thing awkward, uncomfortable and negative for her. She seems to really be trying to conduct a fluff interview and he's just combative from the get go.

I'm reminded too of why I don't like the animated movie Rio, because he voices Blue, the main bird.   There's just something about his voice that just grates on my nerves. 

He was really rude and mean the whole time and while she's not a great interviewer, there was no need for him to be so nasty to her.


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