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Jesse Eisenberg & Romina Puga

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shhh its me:

--- Quote from: WillyNilly on June 06, 2013, 11:33:27 AM ---
--- Quote from: ettiquit on June 06, 2013, 08:33:17 AM ---She's a terrible interviewer and was pretty rude to Jesse.  I think Jesse was probably just trying to do some good-natured ribbing that fell flat. 

He does come off as kind of jerky to me, even outside this interview, but I don't really think he behaved that badly.  If I'm giving my time for an interview, and the interviewer calls me a jerk within the first 30 seconds, it may very well affect how I respond for the rest of the interview.

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She didn't call him a "jerk" in teh first 30 seconds. In the first 30 seconds he opens with berating her over referring to Morgan Freeman as simply "Freeman". Its got to be one of the most hostile interview openings I've seen in a long time, and all the hostility is from him.. Admittedly at about 45 seconds she calls his thumbs fat, but then he digs into her about whats on her hand and can't she even remember her interview questions.

The end of the video is actually the start of the interview ...she starts with "Can you say my name into the camera"  she made the edit and I'm getting this info from her blog.  So it does look like she called him a jerk within the first 30 seconds not at the end.  So watching that 30 seconds first ..she asked him to do a tag line for her ( looks like with no/unclear explanation) then said never mind forget it , then gave playful/odd instructions , then he was a maybe a bit mean and said " well maybe I didn't want to find you and want to be alone" then she calls him a jerk.

  My own perception card trick was next ( based on his referencing "hey I did the say your name thing for you what more do you want" during the card trick)  I'm not sure when the in the actually interview the Morgan Freeman part happened only that it happened before the "thumb trick"

sorry I couldn't get my reply out of the quote box

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--- Quote from: ettiquit on June 06, 2013, 11:03:56 AM ---
--- Quote from: TurtleDove on June 06, 2013, 10:08:39 AM ---Wow, my take is entirely different than most of the replies here.  I think they were flirting.  Her blog post did not jibe with what I saw in the video at all.  I am not a huge fan of either of them, but the "interview" was not intended to be a serious thing in the first place.  They were both smiling and flirty throughout, in my opinion, and for the context and type of interview, I didn't think either was unprofessional or out of line.

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That's an interesting take!  So maybe Jesse thought they were flirting and Romina just didn't pick up on it.

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I agree. Or two sarcastic people playing off each other. At the beginning of the interview Romina seemed like someone who could take the dry sarcasm that I've see Jesse do before. Guess not. That said, they both come off badly here.


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