• April 19, 2018, 11:14:31 AM

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Author Topic: Anchor vs. Weatherwoman - so awkward, I'm wondering if it is legit lol  (Read 4953 times)

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If I worked in a place with this type of banter being constant I would consider it a hostile workplace.

For me, the fact that they both dish it and can take it, and the fact it is very public and condoned by the station, leads me to believe that they do not consider what they are doing to be hostile.  Like I said, in my workplace, I do not consider "digs" to be hostile at all.  They aren't true digs.  We don't really mean what we are saying, and everyone knows it.  When someone says, "Well, you would think that, you Harvard snob!" (with a laugh and wink) during a department meeting, he doesn't really think Harvard people or the particular lawyer is a snob.  It's a joke.  It's not serious or malicious.


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I think the anchorwoman is just a sarcastic person, and is joking around.  If they were serious, I don't think the network would allow it.

I've seen news anchors rib each other, and it usually has a more positive feel.  I agree that this news station might be trying to be edgy.

I agree.  I didn't think it was that bad, but the anchorwoman definitely is full of herself.


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I think it's very distasteful. 

On the local news I watch, there's a lot of kidding back and forth but it's obvious that the people involved like each other. It's fun to watch.   

This is something completely different.  The anchor doesn't even let the weather person finish the forecast before she jumps in to snipe. I sense a tension in the clip that makes me very uncomfortable.  It's a good thing that the two ladies are on opposite sides of the studio.       



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ugh, can you imagine working with someone that takes a dig at you every single day!  Every freeking day another dig, no thanks and I don't think much of either one for participating.  I don't care who is "worse" than the other one.  If I were the manager of such a fine station I would have put a stop to it YESTERDAY.

See, I work with lots of people who interact this way and it is understood to be joking banter.  It's friendly.  Is it a dig?  Well, I mean, I guess, but it's not meant maliciously at all in my workplace.  It's almost like non-sexual flirting.  It surprises me that so many people take offense to it and think it is serious, actually.

Once its funny, twice its tolerable, but repeatedly its just mean. Jokes, IMO, should be positive things - I associate laughter with happiness. Digs can be funny when they are once in a while, but ultimately a "dig" is a negative, so when its over and over its not funny anymore because its not positive.  It just makes me think the person making the digs is very unhappy and/or angry at heart and has no joy or positivity in their life.

Also laughing at digs, to me, is to laugh at someone, not with someone. It makes the target of the dig the punchline, not the wittiness of the joke.

If I worked in a place with this type of banter being constant I would consider it a hostile workplace.

Exactly.  Plus, did you see how the anchorwoman rolls her eyes?  Nope, she wasn't kidding or being overly sweet as a joke.  She tries to add sugar to her put downs but they are still digs.  She's not fooling anyone.

Of course the network would allow it.  They want ratings and it's a ratings game.  After all, we are all talking about it, aren't we?