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Tuna Salad dressing suggestions, please.

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I make my tuna salad with:

Elbow noodles
Green onion
Romain lettuce (alternative, usually used only if the tuna salad is a main dish)
Salt/Pepper/Garlic powder

And just straight mayo (Hellman's ;)) for the dressing.

I really like it. I like the simplicity of it because there's not a lot of spices so the tuna is centerstage. But the DDs are on a health-kick (I guess I raised them right, huh?)

The only "bad" thing is the mayo dressing, otherwise it's a good healthy satisfying meal . . . I don't dress the salad and let everybody put on as much or as little mayo as they like. (I like lots-o mayo ::))

So, I'm looking for a healthier alternative dressing for my Tuna Salad.

Any suggestions? Something simple that doesn't overpower the tuna flavor?

(Please don't suggest a Lite mayo. I've tried them and really don't like them. Yes. I'm a mayo snob. :P)

Opening this thread up to any recipes for Tuna Salad . . . how do you make yours?

At one shower I attended, they had the best tasting tuna sandwiches I've ever had. When I asked, I was told that instead of mayo, they used ranch dressing. Maybe you could try a low-fat version of ranch?

My DH has made me yummy tuna salad using low fat yogurt instead of mayo.

I love a dressing made of yoghurt, a little mayo, lots of lemon zest, a little italian dressing, and a little sugar. 

ETA:  I forgot the celery!  I need my crunch :) 

Lite mayo - amid all those ingredients, it won't be a detriment.

And chopped apple - goes wonderfully in tuna salad in any proportion.


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