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Tuna Salad dressing suggestions, please.

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What I use in almost all my salads is: some oli, some (whine) vinegar, some lemon (or lime) juice, pepper and salt,   that is it.

What my mother used to say is: wise with oil, sparesome (stingy?) with vinegar. So I splash the oil and drip the vinegar in the salad.

I had some great tuna the other day.  It had yellow curry powder, plain greek yogurt, and spicy mustard in it. 

Forgot to add that you can chop up apples, grapes or whatever else you want in it.

I make a fabulicious cole slaw. I bet the dressing would go nicely in tuna. You may need to adjust the quantities a bit, but here's what I do for a full batch of cole slaw:

Grate one apple. (I use a firm, fairly sweet variety like Pink Lady or Gala.)
Grate one yellow onion. (Wash hands.)
Put this, along with most of the juice they generate, into a bowl. (If you really loathe raw onion, nuke it for half a minute to a minute to take the edge off.)
Stir them together. Add a huge blob of mayo. (Start with half a cup. You may need to add up to a cup, depending on how much onion and apple you use.) Add a generous dose of mustard (if you're using a squirt bottle, you'll have to do two full squeezes; if not, two generous teaspoons is a good starting point).
Salt with abandon. Pepper happily. Add 2 T. of white sugar. Stir, stir, stir. Add about 2 T. of cider vinegar. Stir. If the dressing doesn't look at least a bit liquidy, add two more 2 T. vinegar. Stir stir stir. Add to your heap of cabbage.

Obviously, that's not tuna. For the tuna, you might want to mince your apples and onions for added texture. The secret is to mix everything but the tuna together and then add it to the tuna.

I don't like the lite mayo - but I do like the Olive Oil mayo!

My substitutions would change knowing if this was for cold tuna salad, or more of a tuna casserole? Only asking because you said elbow macaroni in the OP!


I made a tuna pasta salad the other day that worked out really well.

Chunky pasta and tuna canned in water, chopped celery, red and yellow pepper, green onion and blanched green beans. The dressing was mayonnaise with lime juice, cumin, paprika, salt and pepper, and a bit of granulated garlic - I think it was about 1/4 cup mayo to the juice of half a large lime, heavily seasoned. It came out very flavorful, with just enough dressing to bind things together, but not be goopy. 


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