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Tuna Salad dressing suggestions, please.

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I'm not sure how well it would mix with the ingredients you use, but I use a sauce based on cream cheese when I make salad sometimes. Just take a portion of cream cheese, a bit of vinegar, stir until the cream cheese has completely dissolved, add milk until both the taste and the thickness are to your liking. You can also take joghurt instead of cream cheese if you stir the tuna directly into the sauce.

I like tuna mixed with cottage cheese.  Sometimes - I'll blend it until smooth .

I also make a curry tuna with a dressing of OJ, mayo, curry powder and chutney.  I don't really measure - just eyeball it.  I find it really enhances the tuna.

Harriet Jones:
I've had tuna salad that was dressed with a little lemon juice.  I think it also had tomatoes, onions, and olives.

I seem to recall having something similar that had a light Italian dressing and squirt of lemon. It was really good like that.

Greek yogurt.  Olive oil and lemon.

And measure the amount of mayo used.  If it's a smal amount, who cares about the little bit of fat?


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