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Office Popcorn aka Why I'm the Worst Person in the World

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sooo what's everyone's opinion on office popcorn?? I had a colleague from another branch bring me some bags of microwave popcorn to the office as a gift.. I'm not going to make it at home (I have an air popper) so I made myself a bag at work.. aaaand everyone just went nuts like a kicked a puppy or something!!! LOL

I know its a faux pas to some -  but REALLY? In our office, we have catered lunches, people routinely eat at their desks, and lots of people eat take out or bring stuff from home, and I have to endure their odours (side note: I'm pregnant, so that's been harder at some times than others  ;))So what gives? Why the double standard with the popcorn??

Harriet Jones:
Did you burn it?  Because that's an extremely bad smell that seems to linger.

Burnt popcorn is dreadful. Plus there's always one person in the office who leaves the bag in way too long and then claims "I didn't know I had to watch it." And that lingering popcorn smell long after the popcorn is gone is annoying, too.
*ETA: I especially detest burned popcorn because our university dorms were evacuated for that on a regular basis. Smoke detectors love burned popcorn. And slick people sneaking cigarettes  ::)

Could it be the noise? 2 or 3 min ti undure is not that much but depending on the envoronment, when people are trying to work or talk.
What kind of remarks did you get?

My office provides popcorn, as it is an inexpensive and reasonably healthy snack. Just don't burn it.


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