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Office Popcorn aka Why I'm the Worst Person in the World

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Not burnt at all, not noisy at all - we have a seperate kitchen, away from the work space, that has a door.. it's also the "beer and wings" room every Thursday and Friday, beginning at around 3. The door was actually installed for when it got too rowdy and was distracting people who are trying to work. Much noiser and smellier than my little bag of popcorn (ummm... I work in a very laid back office...) So why so uptight about the POPCORN?!?!  :o

Harriet Jones:
Sometimes the fake butter smell can be pretty gross, too, but if you didn't burn it and people regularly cook other food in the microwave, I don't see a problem.

I made a bag of popcorn at work one day and my boss lost.her.mind!!!!   Popcorn in the office microwave seems only second to fish in the microwave (yuck).  I have heard others complain about it in their offices too, and I do know when someone makes it, even unburnt, you can smell it far and wide.

Oh Joy:

--- Quote from: Rockstar420 on June 06, 2013, 04:30:32 PM ---sooo what's everyone's opinion on office popcorn?? ...

--- End quote ---

Purely opinion?  To me, it smells awful.  I'd rather someone burn their leftover tuna noodle casserole than smell microwave popcorn...not even burnt.

But that's solely my opinion, and I wouldn't raise a stink (pun intended) if someone properly cooked a bag.

(OP, calling yourself the worst person in the world because of popcorn is taking it a bit too far)

Anyway, I really don’t like the strong buttery odor; I get out the air fresnener.  Lite butter or plain is fine.

So, it’s not always about “burnt”.  Some people find the strong odor of popcorn, especially heavy buttered, to be offensive.


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