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It's Adam's birthday. His sister, Jackie wants to get him a cake to celebrate his birthday. It's not a party, it's just a cake for Adam, Jackie and their parents. Adam initially tried to say he didn't want a cake, but Jackie kept insisting until he relented.

Then Jackie asks what kind of cake Adam wants, but stipulates it can't be his favorite flavor, chocolate, because she hates chocolate and she wants to be able to eat the cake to celebrate with Adam too. Adam is not thrilled at the 'no chocolate' ban on his cake. Adam asks about pie, to get more options, but apparently Jackie also doesn't like pie, so she nixed that too. So Adam picks a non-chocolate cake that he likes well enough... which Jackie never produces. Apparently the cake was a lie. [/Portal joke]   ::)

I started wondering what flavor the cake really should be;
Since it's Adam's birthday and so the cake is for him, should it be chocolate for his preference? Or even pie, if that's what he wants?
Since there's only 4 people to eat the cake, should it be a flavor/dessert all 4 people like so everyone can celebrate Adam's birthday?

If it were a bigger party, I feel that getting two cakes/dessert options would be an option. Individual sized desserts, cupcakes or cookies could also be substituted, but Jackie was pretty insistent that it should be cake, because you should have caaaaaaaake on your birthday.

I think the birthday person gets to choose, but if it's such a problem get cupcakes in assorted flavours.

Jackie should not try to make someone else's birthday about what she wants and prefers.

The birthday person should get what they want.  If everyone else hates it, I'd get a smaller cute cake for the guest of honor and then a separate dessert for the rest that the birthday person could also share in.  But really, if the whole point is to honor the person whose birthday it is, and it is just a matter of personal taste, I'd keep my lip zipped and go with whatever the birthday person wanted.  If I don't get exactly what I want for dessert for one night, it won't kill me.

Outdoor Girl:
Birthday person gets to choose, IMO.  If you, as the purchaser, don't like the birthday person's choice, you can get two smaller cakes or an assortment of cupcakes so everyone gets something they like.  But to be told on my birthday that I can't have chocolate cake?  Not happening.  Even if I have to go out and buy my own dingdangity cake.   :)

Honoree's choice, all the way. If he'd prefer a pie, that's fine. If he prefers no sweets, that's fine.

To insist that it must be a cake, and not even in the honoree's preferred flavor is nonsense and quite rude. How would she like it if he insisted that for her birthday they must have chocolate cake?


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