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Several years ago, we were on vacation on the east coast at the same time as my mother's younger sister, her husband, their three kids, and ALL the grandkids were going to be in the same area.

We were invited for dinner.

Coincidentally, it was my birthday.  We brought a cake that I liked (white cake with vanilla icing) out of the closest grocery store "bakery".  There wasn't a piece left, due to the number of people there.  I also got told that "you shouldn't have" (brought my own birthday cake) - but I joked about making sure that I had CAKE on my birthday - and everyone ate a piece.  All 17 or 18 of us....(can't remember how many kids in one family - Cousin's wife might have been expecting or the youngest might have been born a year later).


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--- Quote from: jaxsue on June 15, 2013, 12:44:57 PM ---My older DS loves those big chocolate chip cookies with icing on top. Every birthday, that's what he wants. I can't stand them, personally, but it doesn't matter. It's for him. I don't need the calories, anyway!   :-\

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<sigh> I love those cakes. I really want one for my birthday cake, but I've never ended up with one. I rarely have a birthday cake, and they're usually a surprise so I don't get any input in what they are. I've mentioned that they're my favorite kind of cake a few times, and I hope one day someone will pick up the hint. :)

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That's sad. You should have one - it's your day!


--- Quote from: Allyson on June 11, 2013, 10:34:00 PM ---Yep, main problem here is asking an open ended question and then saying 'oh no, not that!' If she doesn't want to make Adam a chocolate cake, then she should say, "Would you rather vanilla or carrot?" or something. It's a huge peeve of mine when people will say something like 'what do you want to do' or 'what do you want for dinner' and then veto things at random.

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Once my FIL said he would like to take me and DH to a broadway show for my birthday.  I picked a play on broadway.  He had really wanted to take me to see Gypsy and mentioned that more than once.  I would have rather him said "I got you tickets to Gypsy for your birthday!"


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