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Etiquette of not drinking?

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It isn't rude to drink what you want.  If anyone asks what you are drinking, just tell them.  If they ask, just say you don't drink and leave it at that.  Rarely will anyone make an issue of it.

Perfect Circle:
You just ask for something non alcoholic. There's nothing rude about that.


--- Quote from: Sharnita on June 08, 2013, 11:17:20 AM ---It is perfectly fine to ask for something nonalcoholic. If these are people you sre going to be around again then it seems easier to be overt about it than to try to fake them out. Nobody should ask why you aren't consuming alcohol but if they do you can say "I enjoy coke/iced tea/whatever".

--- End quote ---

I doubt it's people I'm going to be around again.  That said, I'm someone who drinks sometimes but not a lot, so I've also had people confused as they'd pegged me as a non-drinker and wanted to know why I'd changed my mind!

Then I definitely think something like "A Spriye sounded really good tonight" is fine.

Tea Drinker:
"No thank you" or "I was in the mood for juice" followed by a topic-change are fine.

And there's nothing wrong with "I wasn't a teetotaler, I just wasn't in the mood for alcohol last time I saw you" if someone notices a change and asks you about it. There are very few people whose business it is whether or how much you drink, and none of them are likely to be seeing you only at that sort of social event. (Your doctor, yes. Your spouse or partner, and maybe a few other close friends, if they see a problem.)


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