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Girls Only . . . what would you serve for an afternoon get-together? UPDATE#37

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Maybe this should be posted in the recipe request topic, but I'm thinking of doing something special for an afternoon get-together with my MIL, SIL, Niece, my 2 DDs and I.

Since it's Girls Only, I'm thinking of doing a lighter/classier type of appetizer menu rather than my usual go-to apps. But I'm clueless, here. Probably because I'm a bit bored of my usual go-to apps, which are rather hardy when men are invited. Any suggestions for a lighter menu?

The get-together will start at 2:00 and last 'till everyone wants to go home. I don't think that I'll need to plan a dinner, but maybe I should have something in mind just in case we're having a really good time and the get-together goes into the evening hours.

Do you think I should plan on a dinner just in case? What type of dinner would you plan, whether it's served or not?

I do know that (with this crowd) the wine bottle will be flowing, and I'll have iced tea, coffee, and sodas on hand.

But I'm in a quandary as to what to serve for apps. For this type of get-together would you serve sweets? Chip's-n-dips? Finger sandwiches? Shrimp cocktail?

Or not serve any apps at all?

Thoughts, suggestions, ideas would be greatly appreciated. ;D

Thanks, in advance.

Outdoor Girl:
Personally, I'd have something heartier on standby, in case the outing continues on into the evening.  Something that can be heated up, like a lasagna with salad and fresh bread.  But something you can use another day if it doesn't carry on.

I'd go heavier on the veggies and fruit and easier on the heavy, meaty appetizers.  What about fancy little sandwiches?  Little cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off, for example.  My Mom would make up three separate fillings, get square uncut loaves of bread.  Then she'd slice them lengthwise, spread the fillings in layers and put the loaf back together then ice the whole thing in cream cheese.  Then, when you sliced it, you'd have these pretty layers with different colours of the different fillings.

Then you could have a veggie tray, a fruit tray, maybe a cheese tray, maybe some hummus and assorted crackers and breads.  Mom made a fruit dip that was whipped cream with no sugar added and some orange juice concentrate.  It was really good.  I can dig up the recipe, if you want it.

Valentines Mommy:
Sounds fun! I usually head to the Mediterranean for inspiration. Bruschetta, spanakopita, hummus, caprese skewers, fruit and crudités. But maybe because I am so dreadfully warm right now and can't bear using the stove or oven. As for sweets, petit fours and chocolate dipped fruits wouldn't be too heavy. If grilling, I have a recipe for grilled and stuffed portabella caps that I use for vegetarian guests at barbecues.

Any of this sound appealing to you?

I came here to say that the timing is a bit early for tea, but I'd look at some little cakes and sandwiches that would be served at a tea--cucumber sandwiches, or watercress, with some little cakes and cookies.

However, I read Valentines Mommy's menu and now I want that.

I am not actually a fan of the idea that being a female means I'm inclined toward eating a bit of fluff.  I want substantial food.  I think that is probably what a lot of women enjoy.


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