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Author Topic: Need to buy a car in the next week.#20, #25, #39, #41, #46, FINAL #59. New? #63  (Read 10946 times)

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Outdoor Girl

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Congrats, and well done!
After cleaning out my Dad's house, I have this advice:  If you haven't used it in a year, throw it out!!!!.

Valentines Mommy

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Glad it worked out. Safe driving to you and your daughters.


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Yay Congrats!!


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So the court date for this accident is coming up this week.

Does anybody see any reason for DD#1 to attend the court date? (She was told by the attending police officer that it wasn't necessary.)

Also, while I feel that I got a great deal on the new car and all, I'm out a whole bunch of money. The money the insurance co. gave me was a little more than 1/2 what I spent on the new car. The cars we saw in the price range the insurance company gave us for the old car were way sub-par to the car that was totaled.

I have not yet signed off on anything.

Without getting into legalities . . . a simple yes or no to two questions:

1. Would you go to the court date? Why? (Okay, 3 questions with the addition of "Why?" Apparently if DD#1 doesn't show up in court the ticket will be thrown out.)

2. Would you pursue this? Would you try to get more money out of the insurance company?
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1) Yes, because I'd want to make sure I wasn't missing anything (although if it was inconvenient, it's probably okay to skip)

2) Not from the insurance company - they pay you based on the value of your old car, not the replacement cost.  It's frustrating but it's the way they do things and they're unlikely to change anything even if you have a perfectly reasonable argument.

Outdoor Girl

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I would go, if I could take the time off work or school or whatever.  She may not get the opportunity to speak but no way should the guy who ran the stop sign get off if she doesn't show.  I definitely think it is worth pursuing more money from his insurance company if you didn't get what the car was worth.
After cleaning out my Dad's house, I have this advice:  If you haven't used it in a year, throw it out!!!!.

southern girl

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Without (hopefully) getting into too many legalities, I was the cause of an accident once.  I went to court and the other party didn't show up.  The judge told me it was my lucky day because he had to throw the ticket out, even though the police officer was there.  If I were your daughter and it was not too much trouble, I would go to court.  This was in Atlanta, Georgia in the late 1980's.  Things may be different where you live and 25 years later.


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I think it's worth going if she can.

And I think it's a good time to look into having the other driver pay some. But, you've been compensated for the value of the car, even if you can't replace it at that price point. I'm not sure you're going to get anymore.
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