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Author Topic: "I do want to compete, but just not with you as my partner" - update p72  (Read 32090 times)

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Miss Tickle

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I'm pretty sure this is why they say once you've declined an invitation you shouldn't accept one from someone else.

Unfortunately this competition will be over soon, and Bob will still be around. What happens now?  I'd like to know if Bob gets the message that he's just a "thing" to Alan and not a friend.


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It is sad that Alan has chosen to place more value on a single club tournament than on a long-time friendship. I wonder if he will ever mature enough to appreciate what he really lost when he made this choice. And I hope Bob finds a new good friend.


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^This.  So much this.



*has a headache from hitting herself in the forehead so hard* Alan is a jerk and I hope Bob realizes that Alan isn't really a friend.


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Alan thinks that Bob is being a tad childish about all this. What do you guys think?

That Alan's not a nice guy at all. He's not even brave enough to apologize for disappointing Bob. Pretending to be "plastered" is a very immature and unconvincing way to get out of it. And inviting Bob to be a ball boy afterwards is terrible insensitive.

This.  Bob was very polite and straightforward - Alan repaid that with cowardice, lies and insult.  I'm appalled that Alan could think that kind of behaviour is okay.
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Alan thinks that Bob is being a tad childish about all this. What do you guys think?

Please tell me that you inadvertently reversed the names in this statement?
Alan needs to grow a pair, admit to Bob his reasons for asking someone else to partner with him, and sincerely apologize for the deception, and the insult of asking him to be the ballboy.
He's acting like a twelve-year-old (and an immature one, at that).


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Alan sounds like a jerk and I wouldn't want to be friends with him after this behavior.


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I think when bob was quiet for the rest of the drive he was following the saying 'if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all' and I don't blame him. Alan has not behaved like a good friend at all.


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I am very happy for Bob.  He has discovered that someone he considered a good friend, in fact holds him in utter contempt.  So much so, that he considers it a gracious, "kind and inclusive" gesture to offer the position of ball boy.  In other words, he considers Bob to be unworthy to play in the competition at all.

Condescending, much?

I am glad Bob has this opportunity to revise his friend list to include people who can deal with trivial matters, such as sports prowess, in their proper context - rather than using them to exhibit dominance behavior worthy of a dog park.

The truly shameful thing is that there are many ways that Alan could have handled this in order to preserve his enjoyment of the competition, and his friendship with Bob. Or at least someone with an ounce of humility and consideration could have (obviously Alan is not in that group).


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So, Alan did the one thing we all agreed was a very bad idea - he asked Bob to be ball boy.

And, he lied about remembering the conversation with Bob.

What a gutless wonder!


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Alan thinks that Bob is being a tad childish about all this. What do you guys think?

I think that if Alan treats his friends this way, I would hate to see how he treats folks he doesn't like.   What a clod!

First he leaves a friend hanging about an invitation. 

Then he shops around for someone better to play with.   Which would not be, IMO, a bad thing IF he had given Bob a straight answer in the first place.  But he didn't, so it smacks of keeping your sure thing on the hook for a Friday night date while looking for a better offer.   

Then he doesn't bother to tell Bob that was out of the running in the "Play Tennis with a Thoughtless Guy" sweepstakes, but lets him find out in a terrible way. 

Then he lies about the whole thing. 

Then makes an insulting offer to make up for his prior bad behavior. 

I can only hope that Alan is a better friend in real life than this particular situation makes him out to be.   I fear not, since he still only sees fault on Bob's side.   

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And on top of it all, Alan did not take the good advice of e-hell (as given through his friend LifeOnPluto). Please correct me if I'm wrong, LifeOnPluto, but the previous posts read like he came to you for advice and that you did pass some along.

I wonder if the other three guys caught on to the awkward moment when Bob realized what happened. Maybe they will realize what a self-serving jerk Alan is and then Alan will be the one left without a tennis partner for future tournaments. Karma may bite Alan eventually.

Poor Bob.

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Is anyone else hoping that Bob finds a new partner who's really, REALLY good and they beat the pants off Alan, or that conversely Alan's partner drops him in favor of someone else?   >:D

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Is anyone else hoping that Bob finds a new partner who's really, REALLY good and they beat the pants off Alan, or that conversely Alan's partner drops him in favor of someone else?   >:D

::raises hand::    :)


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I can't help but laugh, because he did just the exact opposite of all the advice here. "Walk north quietly? I'm going to sprint south while playing a vuvuzela."

 To be honest, it sounds like Alan made up his mind about how he was going to handle this (the worst possible way!), and no amount of smacking with a clue by four was going to change his mind. Now that he sees Bob isn't overjoyed at picking at table scraps, he's uncomfortable and shifting all the blame to Bob for being a human being with feelings.

I hope Bob doesn't take Alan's immaturity and jerkiness and transparent excuses (which hurt so much more than "hey, sorry. Should have told you. Maybe another time, and we'll make it up by doing x") seriously or personally.

I wouldn't trust Alan's social skills as far as I could throw him, though. The man is seriously dense and self-absorbed.
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