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Not the job for you, 27 minutes after the interview ends!

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gramma dishes:

--- Quote from: Twik on June 27, 2013, 11:08:14 AM ---...   In the middle of the interview, one prof mentioned he'd just gotten a resume from someone else. They read it, while I was sitting there, and decided to hire that person on the spot.   ...

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The good news is would you really want to work for an employer that would be so incredibly and unbelievably lacking in tact and diplomacy?

Yarnspinner, wouldn't they have been up a creek if you'd gotten the letter in enough time to cancel your interview?  Then they wouldn't have met their interview quota!   ::)

I once got a second rejection letter from a company a year after I had applied there (and been rejected at the time).  I definitely hadn't applied a second time, but somehow my original application was still in their system as "undesirable."

Even with good news, it makes a lot more sense to keep any interviewing/hiring decisions private until a formal offer is made, especially if there's no time pressure to fill the role.  Certainly not during or immediately after the interview!

All this stuff about interviewing for "appearance" to satisfy HR really blows my mind. How dare they waste people's time like that?

I was kind of irritated one time not to hear anything at all. I know this is the norm in some types of applications, in which you may be one of hundreds of applicants. But I was applying for something quite specialized in a very small office (think 5 people, no HR) and I can't imagine there would have been more than about 10 people interviewed. I kind of had a sense it was all over (something about her tone/body language) when she said, "OK, I have a few more people to interview next week and I will let you know." Fine, I sent my follow-up thank-you email and expressed my interest, to which she replied that she would "not know for at least a week." I wasn't really holding out much hope by then, but then she didn't even let me know at all. I thought that was rather rude of her; it's one thing when it's a large organization that has stated in advance that only selected candidates will be contacted, but a tiny office run by one woman, with only a few interviewees? Rude, I thought. 


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