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Author Topic: Kids with lots of toys - what to give as presents (a bit long, sorry!)  (Read 17469 times)

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I second the magazine idea. My grandmother did this for me when I was little and it was awesome getting real mail. Nowadays when everything is pretty much electronic, that would be even more exciting.

Add me to the magazine subscription party. 

Kids love getting mail addressed to them.  Getting something with good stuff in it every month would be heaven to most kids. 

If you can find it, a membership to a (preferably children's) museum that sends out monthly bulletins would be ideal. 


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it sounds like these kids have a lot of stuff.......if you are close enough imight give the child an iou to go out for ice cream or pizza with you.....
if you want to actually give them something tho......

perhaps tickets to a children's parents have been giving this to my 7 yo son for a couple of yesrs.....they live an 11 hour plane ride away and sending something is we have a subscription of 4 plays to use throughout the year............

magazine subscription is also good.......

a goft that i got as a child that i loves....was a box of all different kinds of buttons with colored string and i loved to string the buttons in different patterns