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London rail system ?


Is there some massive closure of the London rail system going on? I'm trying to plan my way around London using the Underground's official site and journey planner for our time there from June 22 -- June 25 and I keep getting told to take a bus or walk places.

Can anyone tell me what's going on?

Are you using the TFL site? if so, you can select (bottom right) which modes of transport to include/exclude. Limiting it to tube, overland and DLR may gie you a better idea of the options.

Buses may be suggested of the journey is shorter or because stops are closer to your planned destination (this is particularly likely if you are navigating to a postcode).

They tend to do engineering works at weekends - I think Cannon Street station is closed every weekend at present, for instance, and they're ding some work on the Northern line which means it's often partly closed at weekends, but there's nothing major that week.

Thanks for the advice.

But this is weird. I saved my searches and went back and opened up a new tab and did them again. Same search. Now I get totally different results. I can compare them side by side and the search is the same -- exactly -- but the results are different. Go figure.

Now I'm on to a new worry. French air traffic controllers are on strike and we're flying into Paris on Friday. Or we were supposed to... Now I'm off to check my travel insurance to see if strikes are covered.

How weird.

I'm hoping that the strikes don't cause too much disruption, too. i'm not going anywhere but a friend of mine is supposed to be flying in on Friday to go to an event with me on Friday evening..

I hope your trip goes smoothly.

I hope your flight goes smoothly with the strikes.

The TfL Website normally gives the quickest way of getting around which may not always be the train, and there may be a few different ways of getting somewhere which are quicker at different times.

There are always some places closed for weekend engineering, see here:

Also the London Underground map does not correspond with a map of the streets at all, and sometimes stations on different lines can be a lot closer or further apart than they look.


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