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What to do when you can't keep chewing?

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I was surfing elsewhere, and came across this gem.

The question it boils down to is this: when you're out to eat and get a bite of something (gristle of steak is the example given) that chewing won't actually do anything to, what is the polite thing to do? Spit it into a napkin? Back onto the plate? Swallow it anyway?

Warning: the language in the comments on the original article are somewhat lewd.

I always spit it into a paper napkin/tissue and either hide it on the plate or take it to the restroom.

I was taught to discreetly remove it from your mouth and place it on the side of your plate just like you'd do with a bone. My mom told me things like this happen and are nothing to be embarrassed about, but not to raise a fuss over them either.

As I recall, the best answer is to swallow the offending bite if possible.  If not, my understanding is that food is conveyed from the mouth in the same way it is brought there.  If a fork brought it to the mouth, it is discretely spit/put back on the fork and conveyed to the rim of the plate there. 

That said, I'd discretely deposit in my napkin rather than leave it in plain sight. 

rose red:
I would spit it into a paper napkin, but not sure what to do if I have a cloth napkin.  Maybe go to the washroom?


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