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What to do when you can't keep chewing?

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--- Quote ---Im astounded that out the same way it went in was ever a rule (never heard of it
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It is. However, it applies to things where part of the food can't be eaten as rule. For instance, if you eat an olive with a pit, you'd gently take the pit out onto your fork and then onto the plate. A food that's eaten with the hands would allow you to remove it with the hands.

For example - cherries. See last of the article for Miss Manners' part.


--- Quote from: m2kbug on June 11, 2013, 04:39:19 PM ---Partially chewed food on the plate would be disgusting.  Spit it into a napkin and place it on the side of the plate.  If cloth napkin, I would think you would do the same, though you would have to ask your server for a new napkin, perhaps they could dispose of the old one, and its contents, at the same time.

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Per the bolded: ITA. I'd be very put off if someone I was dining with did that.

Yes, a partially chewed piece of meat is kind of gross, but usually it's pretty small.  Most of the time, when I've had a piece of meat like this, I've already trimmed off some of the fat and any gristle that I can identify, and it's sitting at the side of my plate as waste.  I would slip the partially chewed meat in with the unchewed waste meat.  I hope it won't gross anybody out too much!

When faced with this situation, I've either discreetly spit it into my napkin or excused myself to go to the restroom.


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