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Injured at store--should I follow up and how

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Yes, it sounds like one of those annoying things that happen in life.  Nice of the store to let you clean it and put on a bandage.


--- Quote ---She made a comment that "that was the first time that's happened!"

I hate it when people say things like that.  I didn't do anything extraordinary.  I just touched it as one would normally do when checking out a piece of furniture.
--- End quote ---

I don't think she was baing accusatory or trying to say it was your fault.  It was just something to say; she probably didn't know what to say.

You should see a doctor.

Curious Cat:

--- Quote from: AuntyEm on June 12, 2013, 06:44:47 AM ---Yes, it sounds like one of those annoying things that happen in life.  Nice of the store to let you clean it and put on a bandage.

--- End quote ---

No it wasn't "nice" of the store to "let" her clean up. She was injured as a result of the stores carelessness, and they have a responsibility to A do everything they can do make sure she is ok and B make sure the same thing doesn't happen again.

While they did alright on the first part (7/10 if this was a scores competition) it seems like they get a big fat 0 on the second part.

OP I would call the store just to let them know what happened so they can take steps to make sure it doesn't happen again - just be very matter of fact on X day Y & Z occurred.  And you were doing a follow up call to make sure management was aware of the  problem.

I have seen tables and furniture like you describe and while they are very pretty to look at, they can give you splinters and cuts if you run your hand across them a certain way.  And while not practical, that rough wood look is what some people desire.  To sand it and "fix" it, would ruin that.

I think the store should have a sign or something on the table stating that the table is rough and customers should either not touch it or touch it at thier own risk.  If you do decide to talk to corporate, I would focus more on suggestions of what they can do to prevent other customers from getting injured vs. suggesting that they owe you or didn't do enough to help you. 

It seems to me that the employee did well when you reported the injury.  And I don't think you can expect that much more would come out of it. 

What is your goal in "following up"? If you're wondering whether you should try to go for a coupon or reimbursement for medical bills, then that's a legal question. If you want some sort of official apology, well, I think that's kind of silly. It sounds like the employee responded to the problem pretty well by helping you take care of your injury and reassuring you that it wasn't an ongoing problem. (Small comfort, I know, but better than hearing "oh, that happens all the time.")

The only reason I would follow up with management is to make sure that someone checked the display table to make sure there weren't any other slivers.


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