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I have a relative who really likes to discuss The Weather (rather than using the weather as an innocent topic for an elevator ride, will actually call me just to talk about the weather forecast in my area and in my relative's area) and Politics (which I have no taste for). 

As I can do nothing about the weather and dislike discussing politics, I try to beandip, but when asking this relative "what movies have you seen lately?" I get "I don't have money to see movies!"  When I try to ask this retired relative about books lately read, "I don't have time to read!" When I ask about hobbies I get "I can't afford to do things!"

Please, EHell, save me.  What are other beandip topics I can ask about?  The only one I can think of that I haven't tried yet is to ask about my home sports team, whose news does not make it to where I live.

Wow...if you hadn't said the person is retired I'd be tempted to ask if it was a guy I went to school with who could only seem to talk about golf and weather.  Sweet guy, just a dull conversationalist, though he didn't get touchy.

I have to wonder though, if he's retired, doesn't have the money to do much, why doesn't he have time to read?

Piratelvr, you see my dilemma.  Apparently the library is not a valid resource for movies, books, classes, or other bean dip topics.

Well we are wondering what he spends his time on... so ask him.

"So what did you do today?"

You could always transition weather into something else. "Oh, yeah, it's supposed to be great this weekend. I'm going to be out working in my garden. What are you doing to enjoy it?"

There's also TV, tourism in the area, his job, his family (if he has kids or a wife that he could talk about), or current events other than politics. Ask him what he studied in school. Unless it was politics or weather, you'll have another subject to talk about with him.


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