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Birth announcement - a week afterward?

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A close friend of mine and his wife are expecting and they mentioned that they had an idea of how and when to announce the baby's birth.

Their idea is to wait until at least a full week after their baby is born to notify anyone.  Their logic is that this way, they get that time as a family to bond with the baby and recover without having to deal with visitors.  Once they're home fom the hospital with the baby and they've had a few days, they'll call people (starting with their parents) and deliver the happy news.

The only reason they told me about this plan is because they asked if we could feed their cats while they're in the hospital.

My feeling about this is that it's entirely up to the parents to determine who to notify and when to notify them of a baby's birth, but I'm wondering what others think.  Specifically, if your adult child was expecting, would you be upset if no one called to let you know about the labor & delivery until a week later?

Yes, I'd be upset, but that doesn't mean they don't have the right to do it. Their family, their choice.

I'd be a bit miffed, but it's not my body or baby.

Cz. Burrito:
For acquaintances, friends you don't see often, coworkers, and distant family...I think it's completely fine to wait a week.  I think parents, siblings, grandparents, and close friends should be told within a day or so of the birth, but only if they are people you can trust to respect the "No visitors until X day" preference.  If they won't respect the decision to have some alone time after the birth, then I don't think they've earned the right to be notified right away.

So when they say they aren't going to notify anyone, they include the grandparents-to-be in this? Wow. I think that says a lot about their re-lationship with their parents.

Yeah, I'd be shocked and hurt if my kids did that to me. However, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't. Not to mention, I'm in regular enough contact with them (mutually) that we wouldn't just go a week without communicating somehow (email, text or talking), especaially if they were imminently due to have a baby!


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