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Next week we have a zoo outing with the several of the nieces and nephews at the zoo.  I offered to bring lunch, snacks, and drinks to avoid the high prices at concessions.  I really don't have a clue of what to bring.  There is going to be 4 adults and 6 kids(13,12,11,10,7,1).  I don't have kids but when I do take the pack out it seems I always have to feed them and these kids can eat.   :P

The little ones will eat everything that is not tied down.  The bigger ones are not as adventurous. 

What would you all bring?

First I would check the zoo's rules on bringing in food or drink.  I know some zoos don't allow certain types of packaging.  I'd aim for things you don't have to keep cold unless you have an easy to carry cooler.  For this sort of outing, I would want sandwiches or subs with chips or crackers, some veggie sticks, and fruit.  I'd bring lots of water to keep everyone hydrated and maybe some baggies of popcorn - either savory or sweet, or trail mix for an extra snack. 

Outdoor Girl:
If you can take a cooler, my go-to for ball tournaments is veggies and hummus, cheese and crackers and rice crispie squares.

With most kids you can't go wrong with string cheese and Koolaid. :)

If you need an actual meal and can bring a cooler, I'd bring stuff for sandwiches.

But definitely check the zoo's policies first.


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