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Long story short, I have to begin retraining the employee who is my backup. Starting tomorrow, he is to shadow me whenever I am doing a task that he may be unfamiliar with. He's gone through training once, didn't take appropriate notes or pay attention, claimed he had no questions, and then panicked when I took two days off. Supervisor asked him what happened and he claimed he hadn't been trained for the situations that came up. (I did not train him the first time, but was nearby. Trainer went over everything.)

How do I politely ask him to take notes so that this issue doesn't arise again? 

I think you can tell him that you are aware he has already been trained once, and you expect he'll want to take notes this time.  Perhaps document it in an email you send him before training begins.  A heads up kind of thing.

How about a simple "you should write this down, you're going to need to know this."

In addition to bluntly telling him to take notes, I think you should sit down for a few minutes after each day of training and write up a short summary of the tasks that you train him on.  Share the summaries with your supervisor.  If his future performance is poor, those notes could be helpful to whomever has to address the issue (as well as covering you).

Oh Joy:
I think that whether you should tell him to take notes comes before how to tell him to take notes.  Does your supervisor see it as the job of the primary person to document work instructions, or the job of the backups to create whatever documentation they find necessary to perform the tasks?


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